District Election Office


National Voter’s Day 2019

The significance of National Voters’ Day is to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process.

Date: 25/01/2019 – 25/01/2019

Venue: SNG School Hoshangabad

Elector Detail

Assembly Female Male Total PS
136-Seoni Malwa 119691 108918 318
137-Hoshangabad 112242 104067 261
138-Sohagpur 119617 106083 306
139-Pipariya 112637 101055 312


Voter Registration Centers (VRCs) have been set up in 8 tehsils (Narmadapuram, Itarsi, Dolariya, SeoniMalwa, Babai, Sohagpur , Pipariya and Bankhedi) of Narmadapuram for the purpose of providing free and fair broadcast of information and on-line availability of voting facts and voter identity card for voters. Invaluable cooperation and suggestions are requested in the participation of a strong democracy from all the citizens of the district.

Shri Neeraj Kumar Singh District Election Officer
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